Simple Scrapbooking Mini is Finally Finished

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's, Traditional Tuesdays.

We go totally traditional on Tuesdays at The Cherry.  This week, I've FINALLY finished my simple, mini scrapbooking album using the Barista collection.  I've got all of the pages on one blog for you.  I've got several blogs with step by step processes for individual pages.  They are filled with all kinds of tips and tricks for you to follow so you too can learn to scrap quickly, efficiently and inexpensively yet beautifully.

Don't be put off by these over the top, clustered conglomerations of scrappy bliss.  For me, personally, it is not at all realistic.  I don't mean it isn't gorgeous, it's just not practical for me and my projects.  They look great on a wall or canvas, but would never fit in a traditional book. I also do not have the kind of cash-o-la to make pages like that and not sure I'd want to take that kind of time to scrap something like that.

This book is a totally doable, inexpensive, simple yet nice book of a fun vacation with my hubs.  Even he liked looking through it.  It is really fun taking the old books out of the cabinet and paging through them.  That is ultimately why I scrap, but I enjoy the process so much as well.  Living all of these fun times over and over.  It's very comforting and heart warming.

 title step by step

For years, I've not been scrapping too many 12x12's.  They are are clumsy to handle and require tons of pics and a lot of product, too.  Scrapping on a smaller scale will save you time and money and you might actually finish an entire book, too.

No worries if it doesn't get done in a timely manner.  This book took me well over a year.  Big deal!  If time were always an issue, it might not be nearly as fun.

I wrote out a step by step for my cover.  You can check it out here.

Here are the rest of my pages, all in one nice place.  Many of the pages have step by step process photos where you can learn just how easy it is to scrap.

My first page was the last page I scrapped.  Hehehe...Just me and the hubs in our awesome camping spot on the Mosel River in Germany.  That bottom photo was our view from the camper!  Man!

The city pictures are from Trier.

What a fancy breakfast and there is that awesome view!  What a cute, little camper!  Here is the step by step for the page on the left.

More pics from Trier.  See how all of the pages colour coordinate and I've even used many of the same embellishments throughout the book for cohesion.  You don't have to do that, but it makes scrapping fun, quick and easy when you use a collection.  Here is the step by step for the left page.

A bit of glitter here and there for some added glam on very simple pages. This is the link for the page on the left's step by step.

This last page is a flip photo so I could use even more photos on my small pages.

Last week I started a year long project that I'd love for you to join us in.  We are making an album together!  52 Reasons Why I Love You.  I'm providing you with free, weekly goodies so that by next Valentine's Day, our album should be finished.  Fingers crossed.  Follow along with us and scrap up a really fun mini album for the loved ones in your life.  I'm doing mine for my family. I'll try my best to have the templates and downloadable printable goodies ready for you on our Tuesday spot. Click on this image below, to get #2 reason which will be two cards.  One with the sentiment and the other a place to put a photo or journaling or both.

 free download #2

You can always hang in our scrap-a-licious group on Facebook, ask questions and catch up on the free downloads if you need.  Someone always knows what's going on,  if I'm not available.

I sure hope you join us in our awesome year long, challenge!!!

Thanks for stopping by The Cherry.  We'll see ya next week.

New Conceptual Templates, Scrapbooking Inspiration and Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Boy, do I love showing off new concepts in this wonderful realm of digi delights.  I've got a really nifty new set of templates that are most probably, like nothing you've seen yet. I hope so, anyway.  hehehe...I've also got inspiration using the new goodies as well as pages of inspiration from other designers kits around DigiLand and a few links to some fabulous freebies from us and other scrappy sisters.

So, dive right in to all of this scrap-a-licious goodness!

 siggies and titles templates

I've designed these six templates that can be used in a variety of ways that will amaze you.  They will, seriously.  My girls started playing with them and came up with even more ideas.  I love when that happens.  I always thought my other templates were flexible and these are even more flexible still.

With your purchase of Siggies and Titles, you'll get not only the six templates in tif, psd, separate pngs and merged png format, but you'll also get a free, coordinating pack of goodies with 4 water colour papers and 14 elements so you can use the templates or the merged pngs as is and the goodies to make an entire page.  Eek!  Once you've seen all we've done with these, you are definitely going to want to add them to your stash.  You can use them with anything at all.  Cards, posters, pages, stickers, book markers, tags, planners...Go crazy!

 siggies and titles templates and goodies

Here's a page of mine using the word art as is and the goodies from the free coordinating mini.

 siggies and titles templates

My auntie soaking up the sun with her friend, in Spain.

 siggies and titles templates

My bestie being silly, as usual.  I felt the picture had so much going on, I wanted to leave the rest of the page less busy.

 siggies and titles templates

I added a couple of layers and my pics of my youngest at the zoo and the word art again, as is.

For the next page, I used the templates as templates.  Scroll further to see how I did it, but there are several ways you can.  I want to make a video, but I'm on vacation with the fam.  I'll be sure so add it when I get back.

 siggies and titles templates

The first thing I did was open a free kit from Aprillisa into my gallery in PSE.  Then I opened this particular #5 and decreased the size of my working space by using command and the - button (next to the +) for Macintosh. So I have plenty of room for adding papers.

Another way you can work with the templates, is to click on the eye in your layers to make the layers invisible.  When you have all of the items invisible except one, you can drag it on to the page you are working on.  Of course, this will be a bit more time consuming.

When I finished my templates or word art in this case, I slid it on to my clean, blank page and worked all around with it for my page.  You can slide it on to a template as well, of course.

Check out what my team has done with them.

Make a pretty wall photo or message to pass around or post.

 Siggies and Titles Templates

Design an avatar, siggie or blinkie like Hilary has done. It's really fab!  You could even insert live links into your avatar!
 Siggies And Titles Templates
 Shelly made some funny word art with the new goodies.

 Siggies and Titles Templates

Rachelle got all romantic and pimped up her FB wall photo.

 Siggies and Titles Templates

 Carol made a really pretty page with all of the goodies.

I bet this page scrapped up really fast.  What a great idea adding a mask to the mix.

If you receive our newsletter, then you've received an exclusive free sample with the new templates to give them a test drive.  If you're new to The Cherry and are not signed up, I'll be putting the link in for next Friday, too.  I very, very often have exclusive freebies for newsletter subscribers.  Sign up here or on our FB Page.  (We post freebies nearly every single day, there!)  We don't inundate your in box either.

On to other fabulous designs.

I used our Revel In Ribbons Templates for this page along with Made By Keutnje's and Throwing Some Scraps Around new collaboration, Forever and a Day.  It is SO fabulous.  I can't stop scrapping with it.  I did three pages and have more in mind.  It is going to be one of those kits that I keep going back to.  I can tell you that!

 Revel In Ribbons template

I scrapped up a friend of mine's really great pics.  She takes awesome pics of her family and their lovely surroundings in Cali.

 Forever and a Day

This kit does have quite some pink, which goes great with my top cat, Pluisje.  He is crazy photogenic.  Meow!

Do you recognise the free template?  It is also from Made By Keuntje.  Find it here.

 Forever and a Day

I couldn't wait to play with the faux fur frame.  Say that 5 times fast!  Hehehe...  What better pic to scrap that furry frame than with my fur baby?  This collection is so, so awesome and has just everything you need.  Ya know, it took me under 10 minutes to make this page.  That's when I know a kit is really good.  When it all just comes together so well.

 Forever and a Day

Here is a peak at the collection.  It's linked up to the shop.

 freebie from MBK

Made By Keuntje has a really pretty coordinating freebie on her blog.  Click on the image to get there and download.

 Hex-A-Holic templates

These are the templates we released last week.  Scrap any photo you like with them.

 52 reasons download #1

We've started a year long project for Traditional Tuesdays.  By next year Valentine's, you'll have a pretty, free mini to give to someone special in your life.  Each week or so, I'll have a free printable card for you to download, print and scrap up into your very own mini album.  I'm so excited about this project.  I've been wanting to do it for years.  You could use the cards as journal cards and or cards for project life as well.

Here are a few more recent freebies.

 free template

Our free template in Kim Cameron's Fan Group.

 free template

A freebie in our own scrap-a-licious group.

AND if you are looking for some new, refreshing and adorable designs check out Lauren C. Waterworth.  I'm really liking what I've seen so far.  Here's a taste of her designs in the form of a freebie.  I thought you'd love it.

 Freebie from Lauren C Waterworth

Thanks so much for hanging with The Cherries.

Happy scrapping!

52 Reasons Why I Love You Free Printables, Scrapbook Along With Us

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I'm on yet another fantastic endeavour.  Let's see if I can keep up with this one, too.  I hope I'm not over doing it.  All of these ideas!

Years ago, I found an awesome project someone did with playing cards.  They used metal rings to bind the cards together and added all of these reasons they loved their loved ones.  I really wanted to do this ever since I saw the project.  So here it is and we can do it together!

Each week or so, I'll post a free printable.  You download, cut and mash together and add photos in the spots where directed or however you like.  By next year, our nifty mini album will be all finished and ready to give to whomever you choose.

I'm going for a book for all three of my guys.  You can make one for your friends, mom and dad...anyone you love with all of your heart.

 Free printable download

I've already designed several pages in the series.  I'll keep the colours the same and keep the overall look similar to what you see here for cohesion and one awesome book once we've finished it up.  Try to keep up so you don't get too far behind.

If you think of something lovely to say, pop over to our scrappy group on FB and share it with me by tagging me and we'll see if it makes the cut.  52 things is a lot!  Hehehe...

I really hope you'll scrap along with us!

Here is your first download.  It is the title page and another page, that you're meant to glue back to back.  On the next download, you'll get another 2 cards.  One with something nifty and the other side for you to glue back to back and add a photo that might go with the saying?  It's up to you.

I'll be back with photos of the project as it progresses.

Thanks for hanging out with The Cherries!

New Scrapbooking Templates, Challenges and Some Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's Freebie Friday.

In our typical, weekly fashion we've got pages and pages of scrapbooking inspiration with our new templates and designs from other designers around DigiLand as well.  Last week, we had a lot of links for downloads and we've got a few more new ones this week, too.

Thanks so much for joining us, today.  Read further for inspiration of a scrap-a-licious kind!

 Hex-A-Holic templates

I was asked to bring back my Hexy templates and look mom, no flowers!  I used some fabulous new Commercial Use Goodies from Made By Keuntje. These are an awesome basis for your gorgeous scrapbooking pages.  They are so easy to use and will save you a lot of time behind the computer.  They are so versatile, you can use them with any page you want to scrap up.

 Hex-A-Holic Templates

I saved even more time by merging all of the hexagons on this page and clipping in one gorgeous paper from The Urban Fairy.  Some designer friends and I got together and manufactured a fabulous collection for our Creative Team members for Christmas.  I just had to play.

 Hex-A-Holic Templates

I have already scrapped up all of the wonderful free goodies from the Digi Scrap Parade.  Have you?  Show us in our group, what you've done.  Just look at all of those delicious layers of hexagons!

Here are some pages from my team...

 Hex-A-Holic Templates

I couldn't wait to go back to Aimee Harrison's MidWinter Chill collection.

 Hex-A-Holic Templates

Here'a our Amethyst Allegory kit, back in action!

More from Amethyst Allegory.  Great for your February pages and so much more!

Jodi from Throwing Some Scraps Around has a new kit in the shop, this week.  Let's Bake can be used for so many things.  Design recipe cards, pair it up with our free apron template and make something nice for someone or scrap those fun baking pages.

Dana from Made By Keuntje has scrapped her adorable kapoen with Let's Bake and our new template.

 Hex-A-Holic Templates

Another combination with Let's Bake and Hex-Aholic.

 Hex-A-Holic Templates

My gal Rachelle, scrapped an adorable double pager with Hex-Aholic and My Buddy Dino from Paty Greif Digital Designer.  We offered a freebie from this magnificent collection, last week.  Keep scrolling to get that link for it.

 Hex-A-Holic Templates

 Hex-A-Holic Templates

This is my page with Let's Bake.  I didn't even use the baking theme because there are so many "other" elements in the kit.  I did brew up one sweet page with my JJ.

 Let's Bake

 Let's Bake

Check out Jodi's freebie in her fan group on FB.

 free card

Did you miss our round of free templates last week?  Start at The Cherry and grab nearly a dozen free templates.

 Blog Hop

I'm hosting Kim Cameron's monthly challenges in her group.  Here is February's challenge and it comes with a free template.  Hop over to our group and get the download in the Pinned status.

 free template with challenge

This is my page with The Cherry's January Challenge.  I've got a new challenge for you, today!

Look for this Pinned post in our really fun, scrap-a-licious group on Facebook.  I can't wait to see your, then and now!

 Group on FB

Here was the freebie from last week.  Click on the image to get to the blog with the download.  Love scrapbooking pages, but don't even know where to begin?  Grab this free quick page, put your picture behind it and you've scrapped!  It is THAT easy!

 free quick page

I'm sure we've inspired you.  Now, get scrapping!!!